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Practice Spanish or English, meet new cool people & enjoy an unforgettable night out with ABLA

Let us be your host for the night, as we arrange a unique night out with drinks & dinner for you and 5 other ABLA members of your same age... in total, 3 guys & 3 ladies, 3 Spanish & 3 English.

During this one-of-a-kind experience on the island you´ll meet new people, practice languages, play games and discover new trendy bars & restaurants around town. We will always make sure that most of the group´s members have roughly the same level of conversational in Spanish and English.

Last but not least, these dinner dates are intended for straight & gay people alike, as well as for couples wishing to meet other international couples.

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How it works

  • VIP Dates include:
  • ⇒ A qualified & experienced language teacher as a host.
  • ⇒ 3 hours of intense practice with Spanish/English native speakers.
  • ⇒ 4 glasses of wine or beer*
  • ⇒ Tapas, main course & dessert (optional)*
  • ⇒ Language & party games.

39€ per person

  • VIP Dates are paid 50% in advance & 50% at the beginning of the night out.
  • ABLA VIP Dates are usually on the last Saturday of every month, meeting at 9pm in a popular bar.
  • In order to arrange the perfect dinner date for you with people of your same age, language level, etc; we need you to please fill out the following form with your personal information.
  • You´ll hear from us shortly after with further instructions as we would have to find you a suitable group that matches your requirements.

* Food & drink for guidance only, may vary from month to month.