• Enrolling your children in a local school.

  • "Empadronar" or registering your family as residents.

  • Solving a dispute with a neighbour or a contractor.

  • Explaining your symtomps to your GP at the hospital.

Hello my name is Jimmy Valencia, a Spanish native, a language coach and your friendly translator. I´m here to help you deal with the everyday challeanges that rise both, living in Ibiza or trying to move to the island with your family.

My mission: to make sure you´re never lost in translation & can enjoy your time in Ibiza as much as possible.

25€ / first 60mins

10€ / every 30mins after

Example > 2:30hrs translating help = 55€ (25€ + 10€x3)

Got any questions?

Just Send me a line

I´d love see how i can help