learn spanish & feel ibiza

Hola! I´m Jimmy Valencia, a language coach and founder of ABLA Ibiza, the largest language community in Ibiza. This Spring 2019 I´d like to introduce to you…

ABLA Español 360ª

A new way of learning Spanish in Ibiza while enjoying a very special immersive cultural experience.

I hope you realise that learning a language isn´t all about going to lessons to learn grammar & vocabulary. To really learn a language you have to live it, feel it, be part of it!

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So ABLA Español 360ª isn´t another ordinary Spanish course or program. It is in fact an exciting 7 days & 20hrs+ Spanish experience designed around 3 key learning areas which combined, will seriously improve your Spanish conversation, boost significantly your confidence & make you enjoy Ibiza from the perspective of a true resident.


1) Learn in CLASS

Learn useful & everyday Spanish with ABLA´s unique and fun method.

After a previous Skype interview and hearing what your specific individual needs are (personal or professional), I will prepare our lessons for the week using a combination of traditional activities and the latest technologies to only focus on the grammar, vocabulary & expressions you need to start speaking NOW.

Also during the lessons, I will always support you and encourage you with regular confidence building, body language & effective communication tips.

You choose the days & a sunny terrace for the lessons. I choose the intensity to suit your level & capacity. Together we will give your Spanish the boost that you wanted.


2) Learn at HOME

Live like a local resident with a Spanish native resident.

From going grocery shopping & cooking, to doing gardening, exercising & listening to music. Live & breath in Spanish by sharing everyday activities living only with your native house mate, staying on your own double ensuite bedroom in a 2 bedroom casita on the beautiful north of the island.

The daily immersive participation will:

  • encourage you to use creatively the Spanish that you already have

  • push you to solve day-to-day common situations

  • and show you many new things about the local Spanish lifestyle and culture that you don´t learn in books.



Speak Spanish around Ibiza on guided tours.

It´s show time! Let´s go out into the real world and put into practice everything that you´ve learnt in class & at home. Let me take you around the island´s the most iconic markets, museums & beaches and let´s have conversations with real people.

I can show you what it is really like to be an Ibiza resident and you´ll discover the Ibiza that doesn´t appear on the touristic guides.



ABLA 360º is for you if…

  • You love Ibiza.

  • You are a single student, couple or pair of friends and want to progress your Spanish quickly.

  • You understand the basics of Spanish and would like to take it to the next level while improving your confidence.

  • Traditional lessons didn´t work for you and you are looking for an alternative more private, flexible & fun way of learning.

  • You would love to live an absolute cultural immersion and learn about the “other side” of Ibiza.

ABLA Español 360º includes…

  • 20hrs+ of practical Spanish lessons & conversations during 7 days.

  • All class materials.

  • ABLA´s brand new 10 Weeks Challenge Diary to really immerse you into the Spanish culture, even after your week in Ibiza is over.

  • 24/7 premium access to the classroom vocabulary via a exclusive mobile app.

  • Confidence building, body language & effective communication tips.

  • Airport transfer from & to the airport.

  • 6 nights stay in a double ensuite bedroom living only with a Spanish resident.

  • Accommodation includes bed linen, towels, Wifi, use of washing machine.

    • The house is located in the northern part of the island, between the picturesque villages of San Lorenzo and San Juan. Located in a valley surrounded by farms, trees, fresh air and tranquility. The perfect place to study Spanish and learn about the Spanish culture and local customs.

ABLA Español 360º doesn´t include…

  • Flights

  • Meals… as the whole idea is for us to buy & prepare the food together.

  • Transport… I´m happy to drive when we are out and about together, but if you´d like to enjoy the island on your own or with your friends, it´s probably best to rent a car for the week.

  • Travel insurance… I´ll be your responsible host in Ibiza, but better be safe than sorry in Ibiza.

  • 100€ deposit for accommodation… fully refundable at the end of your week of course.

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About ME

I am a language coach with 6 years of experience giving classes to mixed groups of all ages and levels. I am also the founder of ABLA Ibiza, the most popular language community in Ibiza with more than 1900 followers on Facebook, where in addition to regularly organising intercambio events around the island, I also give private Spanish lessons to international companies, businesspeople and residents living on the island.

My students say that I am an excellent motivator and communicator, and that my classes, as well as being fun and enjoyable, are quite effective as I like playing with different types of activities to meet the different learning needs of the different students I work with.

My full time hobbies are doing fun outdoor activities (running, hiking, kayaking, standup paddleboarding), Djing world music & going out to live music events.