My name is Jimmy and I am a language coach specialized in helping individuals, families & professionals to:

  1. Settle in Ibiza
  2. Integrate into the local Ibiza community
  3. Improve their customer service & relationship with workmates, vendors, etc

I teach basic practical every-day Spanish as well as advanced conversational Spanish in short but intensive courses designed around your specific & unique needs.

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A brand new concept of learning useful “survival ”Spanish in Ibiza...fast!!

My intensive course consists of 4 x 2 hours long sessions which include easy and practical Spanish lessons that are tailored personally around your needs.

  • Asking for directions
  • Ordering at restaurants
  • Buying in the market
  • Talking to neighbours or work colleagues

You tell me what you need Spanish for and what situations you'd like to feel more comfortable speaking Spanish in, and I will not only get you talking right away, but I will work with you to improve your confidence and help you be more independent and sociable as well... all in just under a week if you want!

These crash courses run weekly from Monday to Friday at a time that suits you. The lessons start by meeting at a café in your local town centre or at your home to look at the new vocabulary & expressions of the day. Later, and always with my support, you'll activate & practice that new Spanish with people from the street & in shops for an immersive, realistic experience.

You´ll have lots of fun learning

choose your course

1) Private lessons

→ 4 lessons

→ 2hrs per lesson

→ meet at a café

3) buddy lessons

→ 4 lessons for 2 students

→ 2hrs per lesson

→ meet at a café or at your home

2) home lessons

→ 4 lessons

→ 2hrs per lesson

→ meet at your home

4) group lessons

→ 4 lessons for 3 students

→ 2hrs per lesson

→ meet at a café or at your home


or perhaps you prefer...

6) skype P.A.Y.G

→ 1hr per lesson

→ Book & Pay as you go

5) skype Bundle

→ 8 lessons

→ 1hr per lesson

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Congratulations for wanting to learn Spanish in 2018 and thanks for considering me to help you 🏆

Please call me on +34 7222 83839 when you have a minute or WhatsApp me and I´ll call you right back. Send WhatsApp Message

I prefer talking to my new students on the phone as I like learning better what they are looking for, answer their questions more directly and get a better feel for if we’d be a good fit for each other 😉

Un saludo!