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Private 1x1 Lessons

Dealing with clients, speaking with teachers, or simply going into town. You tell me what you need Spanish for and what situations you'd like to feel more comfortable speaking Spanish in, and I will get you talking right away with my unique system that combines practical lessons, guided homework & language coaching tips.

You choose the days & the place. I choose the intensity to suit your level & capacity. Together we will make Ibiza a place where you´ll enjoy living & working, feeling much more connected to the local community around you.

I´m not here to “teach you”, I´m here to work with you solving a problem… improving your Spanish!

About the private lessons

  • Suitable for all levels

  • Ideal to obtain results super fast

  • Lessons are focused around your specific individual needs (personal or professional)

  • We can study from your home or office at a time or day that suits you

  • Learn only the Grammar & Vocabulary you need to start speaking now

  • No preassure & no stress in class. Only my support & encouragement to make you see the results that you desire.

all my students also receive...

  • 24/7 premium access to the classroom vocabulary via a exclusive mobile app

  • Confidence building, body language & effective communication tips

  • Workbook and homework material (optional)

  • ABLA´s brand new 10 Weeks Challenge Diary to really immerse you into the Spanish culture

Congratulations for wanting to learn Spanish in 2019 and thanks for considering me to help you 🏆


about me

  • I´m Jimmy Valencia and I´m Spanish.

  • I´m a qualified language teacher (CELTA) with 6+ years experience.

  • I specialized in working with ambitious creative entrepreneurs & families.

  • I teach basic practical every-day Spanish as well as advanced conversational Spanish.

  • I enjoy taking my students from being shy outsiders to confident members of the community.

  • My full time hobbies are eating well, enjoying nature & Djing in Ibiza.

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I prefer talking to my possible new students on the phone as I like learning better what they are looking for, answer their questions more directly and get a better feel for if we’d be a good fit for each other 😉

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