Spanish Courses Promo Video - 2018

Today I´m super excited to share with you the latest promo video from ABLA IBIZA!

After teaching for over 6 years and giving private Spanish lessons for 2 years, I feel that my confidence in my ability to help others with languages has improved massively. Over the years I have developed a unique teaching style which not only focuses on "teaching", but also in making sure my students have a super good time understanding the language and enjoying the process of learning as well. And what can I say... the results have been incredible and the comments from my students have been super positive, so I wanted to encapsulate what I do on this video to help my possible new students understand better who I am and a bit of what I do.

I´m super happy with it as it portrays accurately my vibe and describes clearly how I can help, so all is left to ask is...


For more info about my Spanish courses and how I can help you be more part of the real Ibiza check out the following link: