A brand new concept of learning useful “survival ”Spanish in Ibiza...fast!!

These 1 week long intensive crash courses run weekly from Monday to Saturday at a time that suits you.

They consist of 2 hour long classes 4 times a week that include easy and practical Spanish lessons that are tailored personally around your needs. Asking for directions, buying in the market, going to the doctors... you tell us what you need Spanish for and what situations you'd like to feel more comfortable speaking Spanish in, and we will not only get you talking right away, but we will improve your confidence to help you be more independent and sociable as well in just a week.

The lessons start by meeting in your local town centre to look at the new vocabulary & expressions of the day. Later, and always with our support, you'll activate & practice that new Spanish with people from the street & in shops for an immersive, realistic experience... the ABLA way!

You´ll have lots of fun learning

How it works

Private lessons*

→ 4 lessons

→ 2hrs per lesson

→ 200€-15% discount= 170€

21.25€/hr lesson

*17€/hr if you recommend a friend

Buddy lessons*

→ 4 lessons for 2 people

→ 2hrs per lesson

150€-15% discount= 127.5€ per person **

15.9€/hr lesson per person

*12.75€/hr if you recommend a friend


* Recommend the course to a friend and get an extra 2hrs lesson free. (Subject to availability, class might be shared with other student.)

** Price includes 21% I.V.A.

  • Courses are paid 50 % in advance & 50% at the beginning of the first lesson.
  • Please fill out the following form with your personal information, language goals and availability so that a personalised course can be prepared around your individual language learning needs.
  • You´ll hear from us shortly after confirming availability, times and with further instructions.